Stressed?  Take out your frustration on a 21st century voodoo ragdoll.


  • Ultra violent, physics-based simulation
  • Use your own picture as the face of the doll
  • 20+ weapons: guns, objects, particles, and more
  • 19+ skins
  • Regularly adding content
  • Capture screenshots to share with your Facebook friends
Privacy Policy

Is this going to be available for iOS?

Yes, look for it 2016.

Why isn't the image I selected working?

Older versions couldn't handle big pictures. Upgrade to the newest version for an optimal experience. Also, the device needs enough space to work with the image, preferably 20+ MB.

Can I recover my items on another device or after a fresh install?

Yes, the "Restore Items" button in the Settings menu is designed for this; however, not all items are eligible (see next question). Due to a bug, you have to do some preparation. Act as if you are going to buy something with real money (so the Google Play purchase dialog pops up), and cancel it. Return back to the settings menu, and press Restore Items. If there are any permanents attached to your account, a message will confirm and they'll be restored. We are working towards a long-term fix.

What do I keep permanently, even after I uninstall? (move to new device, fresh install, etc.)

Blood, anything purchased with blood, and ammo are NOT kept on a fresh install; Skins and bundles (plus their contents) purchased via the Play Store can be recovered using another device or with a fresh install.

How are you using my information?

The little information we do collect is used to improve the experience and to support further development. For more information, see our  privacy policy.


Coming Soon


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